Walk Score

Walk Score

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Walk Score data is used by analysts and researchers in the fields of real estate, urban planning, government, public health, and finance.

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  • Walk Score allows users to display the walk score or transit score of a location, enable search by walk score on your site, show public transit on a map, visualize travel time on a map. It also provides neighborhood insight. This can be used for websites, mobile sites and mobile applications.
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  • Walk Score can provide data in a variety of formats to researchers and real estate professionals. With Walk Score, real estate professionals can give more information to their customers so as to help them save time and transportation cost.
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  • Walk Score data is available in a variety of formats including shapefiles, spreadsheets, and via our APIs. Walk Score data for individual addresses or larger geographic areas like postal codes are available. Walk Score data is available in the United States and Canada.
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Walk Score encourages everyone to drive less and live more by promoting a walkable lifestyle, one of the simplest and best solutions for our environment, health and economy. Walk Score enables everyone to share and discover what makes neighborhoods unique

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