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Reapit Agency Cloud Analytics provides both powerful reporting tools and business-critical management dashboards to help estate agencies make effective insight-driven decisions, improve conversion rates and drive revenue growth with intelligent decision making.

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  • Maximise opportunities, improve your business performance and increase productivity. Data Mining – make insight-driven business decisions out of the box.

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  • Capture every opportunity and increase productivity by drawing property data from multiple sources and eliminating manual reporting using an integrated suite of property analytics tools to track, report and act on key performance insights crucial to the estate agencies’ business.

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  • The answers to a business growth are hidden in the data. Reapit Agency Cloud Analytics will help customer uncover market opportunities while providing insights into the agency in ways customer’s never thought possible.

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The Reapit Group is a CRM and Client Accounting software provider specialising in the residential real estate sector. Bringing 20 years of innovation to the property market, the award winning RPS cloud platform provides everything estate agents need to ru

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