Progressive Property

Progressive Property

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Progressive Property teach and share step-by-step education, mentoring and community to help real estate professionals invest successfully in property for equity, growth and income.

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  • Progressive Property provides beginners property secret, multiple streams of property income and deal packaging. No money down. Plus it provides serviced accommodation and tax discovery.
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  • Webclasses & online courses: instead of in person events, we have created a new timetable of webclasses and online course for everyone to learn as much as they like, all from their own home.
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  • Progressive Property help property start ups, scale ups and mess ups make more property profit without the pain.
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Progressive Property - the UK’s largest property investment education company. Founded in early 2007 by entrepreneurs Rob Moore and Mark Homer. The pair are looking back on a decade of multi-million property investment and hoping to help even more investo

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