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Pro RE Calculator is ProAPOD online suite of 62 real estate calculators with user-friendly forms that also display the definitions and formulas.

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  • One-time price: $79.95
  • Features
  • Definitions & Formulas – The calculators each include a definition and a breakdown of the computation, and many also provide the formula. Print – The calculators each allow them to print a screenshot of the completed calculation. Responsive – Calculate on their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer (MAC or PC) the screen sizes adjust to their device automatically.
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  • Benefits
  • With their real estate calculator program they simply fill in a user-friendly form and calculate.
  • Problem solving
  • They can solve the same-type (complex or easy) computations as they would on a financial calculator. But with far less effort and in a fraction of the time!
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Company info

James developed ProAPOD originally to support his own rental property listings and investors. He released it in 2000 as a real estate investment software solution for others to use and has been maintaining it with quality customer support ever since.

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