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Iovox’s call tracking solutions can be used with or without global trackable numbers, all solutions include analytics and a wide range of advanced features. For Enterprises looking for custom integrations, iovox offers a highly flexible API and full developer support.

  • Pricing model
  • Enterprise pricing is based on volume, includes numbers, minutes, analytics, advanced features, and require annual contracts. Spend varies by size and type of tracking with low cost trials.

  • Features
  • Dedicated Numbers: End the guessing game about leads are coming from.

    Dynamic Numbers: Learn what channels or keywords are driving the most calls.  

    WebCallBack: Enable web visitors to request a callback on their terms.

    WebConnect: Improve lead conversion and create instant connections with a call button on your website.

    API: Customize your solution or integrate your platform with the iovox API.

    Call Whispers: Build your brand and let customers know you’ve delivered a lead.

    Analytics Dashboard: View call data and Speech Analytics with customizable dashboards.

    Speech Analytics: Advanced Automation and AI that identifies keywords spoken in your business calls. 

    Call Recording and Transcription: Record and transcribe your calls. Instantly make every call searchable text.

    Call Rules IVR: Create simple or sophisticated call rules for your iovox Numbers.

    Dialer: Make calls from mobile app or web browser using caller ID from your iovox Numbers.

    SMS Tracking: Communicate the way your customers prefer. Add SMS tracking to your website.

    SMS Text to Speech: Convert any SMS into a phone call.

    Missed Call Alerts: Know instantly if you or your team have missed an important call.

    Spam Filters: Prevent nuisance calls from getting through to you and your customers.

    CRM Integration: Minimize manual CRM data entry and automate mobile (or other) CRM call data updates.

    Automated Booking: Free up staff and book more business with phone automation solutions.

    Mobile App: Track inbound and outbound calls. Protect privacy with iovox Numbers and change outbound caller ID.

  • Existing Integrations
  • Benefits
  • Dedicated Numbers: Monetize your traffic, look local and highlight your brand. 

    Dynamic Numbers: Optimize campaigns, get customer journey insight, and predict outcomes.  

    WebCallBack: Engage conversations and improve lead capture with this fully customizable tool. 

    WebConnect: Turn visitors into leads and get 100% lead attribution fast.

    API: Integrate seamlessly for real time communication data on your own platform.

    Call Whispers: Increase your brand awareness and help your customers understand the value you provide them.

    Analytics Dashboard:Track multiple data points, tailor the information you see, monetise your call traffic or track your Return on Investment.

    Speech Analytics: Save time, spot trends and predict the future.

    Call Recording and Transcription: Save time searching with organized information at your fingertips.

    Call Rules IVR: Optimize call handling, increase brand awareness and work efficiently remotely.

    Dialer: Protect your privacy, look local and record and transcribe your calls.

    SMS Tracking: Communicate the way your customers prefer. Add SMS tracking to your website.

    SMS Text to Speech:Deliver messages to all your customers, including to those without mobile phones or with disabilities on our carrier-grade infrastructure serving over 30 countries across the globe.

    Missed Call Alerts:Send email or SMS alerts to customers if they’ve missed a lead call.

    Spam Filters:Offer your customers an improved experience of your brand by blocking spammers.

    CRM Integration:Automate new leads creation, add call data to existing leads, record calls for compliance, quality and outcome tracking, provide a true ROI.

    Automated Booking:Never miss a booking or a lead, generate more revenue, understand the customer journey and build your brand.

    Mobile App: Track inbound and outbound calls. Protect privacy with iovox Numbers and change outbound caller ID.

  • Problem solving
  • iovox Enterprise Call Tracking solves many business problems. 
    Here’s a detailed example of 3 solutions to 3 challenges that Zoopla, a powerful property website founded in the UK, wanted to improve on.

    1. Improve lead attribution
    2. Conduct lead scoring
    3. Provide feedback to clients about how they’re handling incoming leads

      Improve Lead Attribution
      With 50% of Zoopla’s leads coming through the telephone, it is critical to know as much as possible about the nature of the caller’s interest. Improving lead attribution is knowing more than just what platform the call came from (web vs. mobile) but is the caller a buyer or a seller, and if a buyer, what specific property might that person have an interest in? Iovox has the solution.

      Conduct Lead Scoring
      Prioritization and customizing a response is always a challenge. If you are in the business of selling or renting properties, it’s ideal to know whether the person you’re speaking to is only window shopping and has no plans to buy or rent anything in the next 6 months, or, whether the person calling intends to buy in the next 6 days once they find the right property. Iovox has the solution.

      Feedback on Lead Handling
      Zoopla calls it “Mystery Shopping”. Today on a very small fraction of calls, Zoopla listens to the recordings to provide feedback to the agents’ management teams on topics such as: whether the agents represented the brand well, did they collect the basic details and find out where the prospect is in their journey, whether the proper advice was given based on what was learned during the call, and so on. This feedback is invaluable. The problem is Zoopla has millions of phone leads each month and manually listening to them at scale is not feasible. The only way to dramatically increase the sample size of Mystery Shopping calls is through a scalable technical solution. Iovox has the solution.

    Integrated through the iovox API, traditional call tracking elements like how many leads are generated, are an important part of the unique selling proposition between Zoopla and its clients. But there are new frontiers to explore with call data and Zoopla is paving the way with its mindset for innovation.

    More problems iovox Enterprise solves: 

    • Improve performance and see clear value of platform
    • Improve responsiveness and Increase quality and quantity of leads
    • Protect privacy and improve performance management
    • Increase visibility of the quality lead metrics
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    Lead Generation , Marketing , Sales

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Our mission at iovox is to make data from all phone calls useful, valuable, and actionable. Trusted by leading brands and global customers in more than 30 countries, iovox delivers on its mission via call analytics, productivity and collaboration solution

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