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Evra offers commercial real estate professionals accurate, instant, data-driven valuations that expose feature drivers of value for U.S. multifamily properties.

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  • Their reliable, data-driven value estimates provide a quick and in-depth understanding of property values’ nuances in diverse markets. Measure market attractiveness with proprietary US neighborhoods defined by granular data like amenities, housing stats, and demographics.
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  • Quickly understand and assess whether a property or neighborhood meets their expectations on quality and value compared to benchmarks.
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  • Assessing one or more multifamily assets? Evra helps manage risks and find opportunities in these turbulent times by tapping granular, low latency, forward-looking data.
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At GeoPhy, We use a wider breadth of data to identify global patterns and integrate hyperlocal features to refine analysis specific to a property. This key innovation allows GeoPhy to explore non-linear relationships that expose relevant features that dri

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