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Eiko helps you sell your properties faster by automatically restoring and editing your UGC photos with AI algorithms to increase their quality and ultimately generate more click.

  • Pricing model
  • LYA's pricing model is a monthly subscription that entitles you to process up to a certain volume of photos per month.

    The pricing upon request only.

  • Features
  • LYA is the part of  Eiko that aims at unleashing the click potential of a real estate photo. It does so by correcting all the defects visible in the photo and editing it as a human would do using Photoshop... all of this automatically!

    LYA comes with 5 algorithms that can be chained to turn a not so good image into a click magnet:

    1. Upscale — Eiko starts by re-creating a photo that will be at least twice the resolution of the original one. It does so by imagining what the photo would look like if it had been taken with a professional camera, resulting in a much sharper photo without compression artifacts.
    2. Denoise — Then, Eiko removes all the unwanted noise it finds in the photo, redesigning edges and textures. Eiko’s objective here is to produce a clean photo as if it had been taken in good lighting conditions with a powerful sensor.
    3. Straighten — At this stage, Eiko will detect within the photo all the verticals lines and rearrange the pixels to make them all parallel. It will result in a photo that looks straight as if it was taken on a tripod with a tilt-shift lens having no barrel distortion.
    4. Enhance the colors — Finally, Eiko adds the last touch by editing the colors, contrast and saturation. Eiko does not apply the same modification to all of the pixels at once, but will adapt its editing depending to each area.
    5. Change the sky on demand — Eiko includes 80+ different skies that can be applied on your photos to change the mood and make them eye catching selling machines. Eiko’s sky replacement algorithm starts by detecting automatically all the portions of the sky within your photo, including the ones that can be seen through trees or other elements. It then detects the horizon within the photo, and replaces the portions of the previous sky by the one you have selected. Finally, Eiko will adapt the colors of the overall photo to match the ones of the new sky and preserve the consistency and realism of the photo.
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  • Benefits
  • It's not only a belief, numbers are here to prove it: better photos = better conversion. Editing your images with LYA will result in more clicks, more calls, more visits and ultimately more signatures.

    But it does not stop here. Better images also mean improving your brand image as the user will associate your name to a higher level of quality.

  • Problem solving
  • On the one hand, photos taken with smartphones or point & shoot cameras do not do justice to the properties they feature. On the other hand, professional photoshoots are expensive as they require a photographer to spend one hour taking photos then three hours retouching them.

    What if you could achieve professional photography with your smartphone?

    This is where LYA stands. We've been training AI technology to automatically edit lower quality images to give them a professional feeling, as if a photographer was taking them with an expensive camera on a tripod.

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In less than 4 years, Meero has brought disruptive innovation to the space of photography and video production. Thanks to our A.I.-powered editing tools and our talented photographer community, we can deliver photoshoots of the highest quality in 48 hours almost anywhere in the world!

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