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Product Description

The true and unique Real Estate online office where real estate knowledge and technology are perfectly combined to serve small, medium and large brokerages, in any of the 50 states, including all tools needed.


  • Commission Calculation
  • Customizable
  • Corporate Image
  • Document’s Library
  • Agent’s Folder
  • Manage Permissions
  • E-sign Template
  • Local Backup
  • Auto-Population Templates


More key tools and features than any other software, for a fraction of their price.

Problem solving

Its working philosophy makes possible to recruit more agents and to have more transactions, with less effort, less expenses, and more control.

Best for



  • Broker – $28/month
  • Any Additional User – $4/month


Deal Management


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Wiser Broker

With Wiser Broker the Real Estate office will Outperform the Brokerage, moving it to the next level, Optimize processes in an online environment and Provides the office and agents with key tools conveniently integrated in one place.

Wiser Broker
296 Mossy Oak Dr., Huntsville,
AL 35806, USA

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