Smart Leads Lead Management

Product Description

Smart Leads tracks all Marketing Campaigns, Applicants and Inquires from Smart Pages Property Websites, then seamlessly notifies and moves opportunities into the real estate professionals’ screening process.


  • Lead Reporting – They keep track of who has applied
  • No Slipping Through the Cracks – They help so real estate professionals don’t lose any leads.
  • Applications and Leases – Online Applications and Leases helps them push Residents through the process until they move-in.
  • Lead Checklist – They help them check of necessary boxes


Smart Leads keeps accurate data of who has been screened and they help who needs a lease to sign.

Problem solving

If real estate professionals are busy, Smart Leads understand. They help them accommodate every prospective resident immediately and make sure that every transaction is smooth.

Best for

  • Agents
  • Brokers
  • Developers


Upon Request


Lead Management


The Smart Housing Team was brought together as a combination of needed skills and abilities. Each team member brings their our experiences and expertise to the table. They celebrate debate and discussion and will argue for hours specific features and options to constantly make Smart Housing better.

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