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Product Description

Enrich the websites and blogs with the best content for the target audience. Find and publish high-quality curated content in minutes directly to user’s website.


  • Scale the content production – Complement customer’s own content with curated content. Publish it easily to their website and drive consistency.
  • Skyrocket the brand’s credibility – Customer are not alone in their vision: share trusted experts’ content. Become known by influencers in their field.
  • Increase the traffic from search – The more content user publish, the more ranking opportunity they have. Provide internal backlink opportunities to their cornerstone content.


Real estate professionals can put the content curation on autopilot. Scoop.it’s smart suggestion engine identifies trending content based on user’s keywords. Rank it by popularity or freshness or hone in on specific content formats, such as blog posts or news articles.

Problem solving

Keep track of the content from user’s favorite sources. Organize them into groups. Easily manage and add news feeds. Create advanced custom filters to focus on their key topics.

Best for

  • Agents
  • Brokers
  • Developers


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Scoop.it helps millions of professionals and hundreds of companies publish and share content online. Content is the most efficient way to drive traffic and leads but more than 70% of marketers fail at being efficient with content marketing. Scoop.it automates content marketing to generate traffic and leads.

Their unique technology enables ROI-driven marketers to produce content at scale by automating content research and curation and helps them generate more impact from content.

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