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Onpipeline is one of the best Sales CRM for small-medium businesses! They can manage their sales pipeline, contacts and activities from anywhere. Integrate emails and calendars, create quotes, automate tasks.


  • Add new contacts and deals from emails, web forms and our API. Also,can activate and track 3rd party sources and control their access at anytime.
  • Drag and drop their deals into the next stage! You can set up Onpipeline to work with one or more customizable pipelines and optionally assign them to a Team.
  • Onpipeline users can be set as Team Leaders and supervise Team’s activity.
  • Emails can be tracked for opens, clicks and attachment downloads.


Easy to use and fully customizable to fit their business needs. Immediate access. They can get started in 2 minutes or less.

Problem solving

Marketing automations allow them to save time on recurring tasks. All accounts with unlimited storage, contacts and users.

Best for

  • Agents
  • Brokers
  • Developers


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Onpipeline is a cloud-based, reliable, and scalable Sales CRM (SaaS) that includes a full suite of tools that boost sales productivity and make the sales process more human. We believe your business deserves software that’s easy to setup and use, and requires minimal training and customization.

Dublin, Ireland

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