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Booking Ninjas cloud based property management system helps with all customer rental needs. It include Client Relationship Management (CRM) Fully-Synced Reservation System Website Integration Customization.


  • They put themselves in front of the market.
  • They feel what hotels and property businesses feel, giving them a first-hand experience of what is needed and what isn’t.
  • They now have an efficient system suitable for organizations of all sizes with a guaranteed positive outcome.


They have a lot of clients using their enterprise applications for their management, including but not limited to hotels, real estate companies, rental agencies, and property owners, all of which have been positively affected by the solution.

Problem solving

They stand by their vision, which is to create a new way of working and empowering their clients to surpass their business expectations, increasing time efficiency, boosting revenues and improving customers’ experience.

Best for

  • Agents
  • Brokers
  • Developers


Upon Request





Cloud based property management system (PMS) for rental managers, homeowners, and enterprises. They are deep knowledge/ experience in the vacation rental management and corporate leasing field, they have created a robust management platform for small home owners, mid-size property mgrs and offer custom solutions for enterprises to be more efficient in handling there activities.

Booking Ninjas
1815 Purdy Ave, Miami Beach,
Florida 33139, USA

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