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Product Description

Archibus Strategic Financial Analysis delivers comprehensive integration of business information to deliver deep insights into that third of an organization’s balance sheet comprising fixed assets.


Archibus connects all costs to specific business units and all assets to their intended purpose.


  • Provide a common operating picture to view capital and operating expenses for the portfolio
  • Evaluate the mix of leased and owned properties relative to space vacancy/occupancy/availability for specific buildings, campus/site, cities, regions or for the entire portfolio
  • Optimize the total cost of ownership, total cost of occupancy and lifecycle for real estate, infrastructure and facility assets

Problem solving

By capturing the capital investments, operating costs, and total cost of ownership for a wide range of assets and by monitoring the interrelated processes that manage them Archibus Strategic Financial Analysis quickly gives professionals the validated, relevant, and trusted data they need to make finance and operations decisions.

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Founded in Boston, in 1983, Archibus software is the originator of IWMS software and the most trusted name in Workplace, Real Estate and Facilities Management.
Archibus provides the world’s leading organizations with end-to-end insight on their built-environment, enabling them to reduce real estate costs, optimize operations, and elevate their employee experience.

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MA 02108, USA

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